Volunteer Dog Sitters

Dog sitters are volunteers who cannot commit to full-time dog training, but are willing to take on the role of dog sitter when a dog needs temporary care (i.e. when a trainer has travel or has another commitment to which they cannot bring their dog-in-training). Dog sitters must live within ~1 hour of our facility.

To qualify to be a dog sitter, you must complete the following requirements:

 Attend NSSD Volunteer Orientation
 Attend and complete NSSD Phase 1 class
 Required House Check

Once approved, dog sitters’ responsibilities include:

 Maintain dog’s house manners, basic obedience, exercise, and grooming routine
 Be available to attend weekly training class (if needed)
 Fill out “report card” on dog’s visit and provide to trainer/client when dog is picked up

Volunteer positions are not paid, but approved expenses incurred for dog care will be reimbursed.