Training Program

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Training an NSSD service dog can be one of the most gratifying experiences of your life. However, unlike most programs NSSD service dogs in training reside with their trainers. These are mature dogs that have had some basic obedience training. Our trainers immerse the dog in the public environment from day one preparing the dog for the Access Test. A trainer must be prepared for a dog to live with them anywhere from three (3) to six (6) months. We train our trainers to train. Trainers are expected to be available to train at our facility a minimum of six (6) hours per week. The training classes take place Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9-11am at our Escondido Training Center. All approved expenses for the dogs in training are covered by NSSD.

A representative from the NSSD Training Department will contact you after receipt of your pre-application to supply additional information and answer questions.

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An accredited member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI), Next Step Service Dogs pursues the highest standards of excellence in training service dogs. Learn more about our ADA & ADI standards and compliance.

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Dog Trainer FAQ

How do I apply to become a NSSD service dog trainer? 2017-03-31T11:42:51+00:00

Complete the Trainer Application, and an NSSD representative will contact you.

What do I do with the service dog if I am planning a trip or vacation? 2017-03-31T11:42:02+00:00

NSSD will provide a dog sitter, given ample notice. Dogs in training must stay with an NSSD-approved sitter.

Do trainers need to live in a specific area? 2017-03-31T11:41:00+00:00

It is preferable that the trainer live within an hour of the training center in Escondido, CA.

We have other pets at home. Can we still train an NSSD service dog? 2017-03-31T11:40:26+00:00

Yes, as long as the pets are not dog aggressive. As part of the home visit, the other pets will be evaluated.

Can I train a service dog if I work full time? 2017-03-31T11:39:47+00:00

Yes, ADA law allows a dog in training to have full public access.

I don’t know how to train a dog! Who will help me with all of this? 2017-03-31T11:39:07+00:00

An NSSD senior trainer will be teaching you. Only basic dog obedience knowledge is necessary.

Are there special rules I have to follow? 2017-03-31T11:38:34+00:00

Yes, you will be given the house and public rules to follow. A service dog is not a pet.

What other commitments are required? 2017-03-31T11:37:54+00:00

Training with a senior trainer a minimum of 6 hours per week.

What is the financial commitment? 2017-03-31T11:37:12+00:00

NSSD will cover all approved expenses.

What is the daily time commitment? 2017-03-31T11:36:41+00:00

Once the dog receives its training vest, the dog is to be part of your daily routine.

How long does the NSSD service dog stay with us? 2017-03-31T11:35:52+00:00

Approximately 3-4 months.